Thursday, October 19, 2017

10-Day Silent Meditation Retreat at Suan Mokkh - Part 4

Big trees in the middle of the woman's dormitory area (Suan Mokkh International Dharma Heritage)

Uggghhhh...... I was awoken in the middle of my first night in the meditation retreat's dormitory and found myself covered with the dark-red-blue checked blanket provided. Suddenly I was startled and wondered on how come I was covered by that blanket. I did not remember that I covered myself on it. I'd rather remember that the night was so hot (no fan or whatsoever provided inside the room), and I had to adjust sleeping on the hard base and hard pillow on my first night there, with folded blanket put by my side. And now, who had put the blanket all over me??? Oh my, oh my!!! Suddenly my heart beat ran faster...

My humble room for 10-day meditation retreat at Suan Mokkh IDH

In the middle of my confusion, I felt that I needed to go to toilet to pee. Huhuhu.... Why this hour??? Why I had this habit of waking in the middle of the night to pee??? :'(

"I have to get up!!!" ordered myself to my own body. No idea what time it was. Everything was so dark and quiet. I groped for my spectacle and a little torch light that I put next to my wooden pillow. Faster I lifted the mosquitoes' net up and got my body out from it then covered it back again preventing any insects flying in. I opened the door gently and got out from my room silently.

Our brushing and washing tub and the long corridor towards the toilet (Suan Mokkh IDH)

Oh my... Everything was so dark and quiet. I stunned for a while. My room and toilet was from one end to another, so far the furthest, as my room was located right next to the entrance door. Even the toilet area was so dark!!! I regretted myself of turning the toilet area's light off the night before as my effort to help saving the electricity. Lol!!! That night onward, never again I turned that bloody light off!!! :P

I hurriedly walked down the long stretched corridor with blurred light from a small torch. We were advised to light our way on the floor to prevent ourselves stepping on the small animals that might pass by. The hung clothes, pants, shawls, some long, some short, added the eerie feelings as I passed them by. Om mani padme hum.. Om mani padme hum.. Om mani padme hum.. I chanted them all inside my heart and faster walked to the toilet, finished it off, and returned back to my room.

I know... It was all in our mind. It was myself that scared my own self. But I just could not endure such feeling. The place was so huge, open air, dark, and quiet. You would never know who else were staying with us there...

I bolted the door and got back into my bed positioning myself comfortably. I was still feeling amazed and wondered. "To whoever have covered me with blanket just now, thank you.. The air has really turned cold in the middle of the night," I whispered to the universe before continued sleeping under the same blanket.

The monastery bell at Suan Mokkh IDH

Deng, deng, deng, deng, deng...Deng!!! Deng!!! Deng!!! Deng!!! From softer sound, it slowly turned loud and louder. It was just sounding continuously from 4 am to 4.30 am. The monastery bell was located not far from where we slept and nearest to my room, so by right, no one would escape from hearing it.

Still feeling sleepy and with heavy heart, I sat down, groped and wore my spectacles, folded the blanket and got out from my bed. Turned on the small light provided inside the room, I took out washing face soap, tooth brush, applied toothpaste on it, and headed to the nearest washing tub.

During daylight, the water was so dirty, murky, filled with many dead insects. We used it for washing face, clothes, and brushing teeth. In the dark, we did not see any of the dirt. It was just dark altogether. Hahaha... I used cleaned water from the tap to brush my teeth though. Could not risk my inner mouth with unnecessary bacteria :P

Next, putting on contact lens using the stainless steel mirror provided under the staircase, just outside the warden's room. I then changed clothes, sprayed the mosquito repellent all over my body, and headed to toilet. Since it was the furthest place, it would be the last place I had to go before going out.

Daily schedule during 10 day meditation retreat (Pic source: Suan Mokkh IDH)

It was all dark. We had to bring our torch or the lantern provided walking towards the meditation hall 5. Our volunteer Dharma friend had already got ready on stage. She would read out one Dharma article every morning (except day 9) and continued with guided sitting meditation. Many, including myself, felt very sleepy and often almost fell asleep. To encounter the sleepy feeling, we would do standing meditation or change our breathing patterns. In my opinion, it was the most difficult part to stay awake during the day as we were not used to wake up that early everyday in our life.

At 5.15 am we would move to another meditation hall and practice guided yoga. Men and women were separated and taught by different teachers. Despite the yoga taught was very basic and mostly was stretching exercise, some people had never heard, or tried it before. Therefore, they would face some difficulties in following the instructions. Sometimes they just did their own stretching at the back, while those who mastered on it, would prefer doing their own yoga poses, also at the back.

At 7 am we walked back to the main meditation hall to listen to Dharma talk and do sitting meditation until the bell rang, signifying time for having breakfast, the most awaiting time. Hahaha... :D Meals were provided twice a day (except day 9), and all were vegetarian. Amazingly, most of ingredients were planted organically nearby the area, fertilized using the fallen dried leaves.

Rice soup (something similar like this) (Pic source:

In the morning we were served rice soup (kind of porridge using brown rice mixed with barley, corn, carrot), fresh banana from banana trees planted at the hermitage area, fresh vegetable (cucumber, Chinese cabbage, morning glory, cabbage, cai xin, local vegetable/ herbs, celery, etc.), and so on.

Tbh, in the beginning I felt very weird to eat those vegetables in raw form as I usually cooked them before eating (due to pesticide that might be used when planting it). But after trying it once and after some time, I became used to it. And after few days I felt quite bored eating the same food again and again. Hahaha.... It was good for our health though. :D

Where our banana came from - Suan Mokkh IDH

Dining procedure: we had to line up taking our food and brought our stainless steel bowl with spoon, and cup into our table. We collected the 'Food Reflection' card from the table in front and waited on our seat until everyone had finished collected their food and seated on their chair.

Our Dharma friend (volunteer) would bring up one topic for us to reflect daily, then we would together recite the 'Food Reflection' (as shown below) together. Not too fast, and not too slow. Only when it finished, then we could start our meal, mindfully.

Recite Food Reflection before starting our Breakfast (Suan Mokkh IDH)

Here, we were reminded "To eat is to live," rather than "To live is to eat." That the food that we consumed daily was only to maintain this body, to stay alive and healthy, to support the spiritual (way of) life. It was very meaningful as in this modern world, many chose a lifestyle "To live is to eat" by indulging fancy made or rather expensive and mind-blowing food, just to satisfy the bud, ego, pride, and so on.

The speed of eating was slow too as we learned how to eat mindfully. These days many people ate with their mobile phone or book on hand, or their eyes fixed on TV or iPad. We often took things for granted and faster ate only to fill our stomach, ignoring the biting and chewing process, and all.

Nature path towards the hot spring for women (Suan Mokkh IDH)

When we finished our meal, we washed our own bowl, spoon, and cup at the back of the dining hall. Those who chose doing chore after breakfast time, would do their chore. Mine was during lunch. So I would usually go back to room, changed into sarong with towel covering my shoulder, then headed immediately to the hot spring to dip myself comfortably inside the hot water under the shadow of coconut and many other trees.

My sanctuary, heavenly bliss place in Suan Mokkh IDH :D

After dipping for 10-15 minutes I went back to dormitory and immediately took bath at communal bathing room. I then washed and hung my clothes dried, and used the remaining time available taking a nap. Since we had to sit straight during sitting meditation, I felt my back tired after some time and needed some lying down before starting the next meditation session. Usually I just took 10-15 minutes nap to refresh my body and mind.

At 10 am the bell rang again. We all headed to meditation hall and listened to the recorded Dharma talk from the CD player. After that followed by sitting and walking meditation. It was all guided at the first few days to ensure we were doing the right way. The walking meditation was something new for me. We practiced inside the meditation hall 3 barefooted walking slow and slower, mindfully putting our attention to each steps before touching our foot on the floor. Looked simple but it was not that simple. I was sweating through the process too.

After few days we were encouraged to practice on our own, anywhere we like. But they encouraged us to walk barefoot, even on our daily basis to every area within the hermitage territory. It was not that easy though. The ground heat in the afternoon was too much. The rough small stones, sands, bushes were not easy to walk with. And the various ants and its colony (red, black, big, small), worms, etc. was quite a challenge in walking mediation too!!! It was a very great way contacting our body to the nature though. Loved the process so much!!!

At 12.30 pm the bell rang and signified time for lunch. Same dining procedures with breakfast time. Only the menu was quite different. They would usually serve rice and few vegetarian dishes. Sometimes it even included local Thai desserts and fruits. The menu changed everyday and tasted rather delicious. We could take more serving if required as there would be no dinner provided, only evening tea.

Food Reflection during lunch time (Suan Mokkh IDH)

Food reflection during lunch time reminded us on how the monks and nuns usually treated their food as. Early in the morning the Thai monks would go out and collect the alms using their bowl from nearby area. Local people would usually donate food, water, and some might donate flowers, incense sticks, and some necessities like detergent, or medicines inside, in exchange for blessings. Once it was full, they had to return to temple and not to come back again.

The food gathered would be their meal for the whole day (they only ate once a day). And they trained to put off their desire by eating whatever food they were being given and with a principle that food was only to sustain their body to practice the spiritual life, even by concocting their food inside the bowl so that the food would not taste good.

So, once lunch was done, it was my turn to do the chore. I chose wiping the dining table after lunch, which I found the easiest :P And when it's done, I would go back to room and take a rest until the bell rang again....

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

10-Day Silent Meditation Retreat at Suan Mokkh - Part 3

Wat Suan Mokkh International Dhamma Hermitage

In this post I will share with you what you will expect during the registration day.

1. Transport to the retreat location
As early as 7 am there is a pick up truck that will bring you and your luggage from the Suan Mokkh Monastery to the International Dharma Hermitage.  You just have to pay THB 20 for the service. It's about 1.5 km distance and if you choose to walk there, it will take you about 20 minutes to reach.

The two information board for women and men - International Dhamma Hermitage

2. Registration - Read and think before decide to join
Upon reaching the place, a volunteer will welcome you. She or he will ask you to read the info pasted on the board. Once finished, collect the booklet and a form from her. Read it first all the terms and conditions regarding the retreat. When you finally decide to join, only then you fill the form up.

To note: Most of the instruction is done in writing since we are going through the silence retreat. And they have notice board with different information updated everyday.

3. Interview 
Someone will interview you afterwards and if you have any question, you can ask them.

4. Pay registration fee
When interview done, proceed to pay the registration fee of THB 2,000 (SGD 82) and exchange your passport with a room key from the staff.

Ladies bathing area inside dormitories :)

5. Borrow necessary stuffs
You can borrow sarong (for women) used for taking bath and dipping inside hot spring, and also plastic water bottle to store your drinking water, for free.

6. Deposit your stuffs
Get ready all your stuffs that are required to be deposited such as: any electronics and things that can create disturbance to your peaceful mind (mobile phone, camera, tablet, laptop, mp3 device, books, diary, alarm clock, watch, etc.), money and valuable stuffs (accessories), etc.

To note: It's not necessary to deposit your stuff immediately. If you still want to use your mobile phone, you can store your stuffs afterwards, as long before 3pm. There is mobile charging point available at the area.

Emergency contact (Source: Suan Mokkh IDH)

7. Tell your family the emergency contact
You may want to inform your family back home the monastery's email address, fax number, and website address, and tell them to mention your name and room number in case there is any emergency news that required you to know since there will be no way to contact the outer world throughout the retreat period.

Space provided outside our room to hang dry the mosquitoes net, blanket, sarong, clothes, etc.

8. Go to room (dormitory)
With your key, proceed to your room. Women and men live at separate dormitory, located side by side. Collect the blanket and mosquitoes net from the room mentioned. It's advisable to dry them out under the sun before using. If you want, you can also hang the straw mat before using to kill the germs.

The meditation hall 5 where we gather most :)

9. Collect stuffs used for meditation and 'chope' your seat with it
Go to Meditation Hall 1 and take the cushion, pillow, and wooden chair and choose your seating location at the Meditation Hall 5. Put those stuff above the 2 base layer provided. It will be your fixing seat throughout the 10 days. Again, men and women is divided into two sections (left and right).

10. Select your chore (daily work duty)
Don't forget to go back to registration area (or it's better you do so before getting into your room), to select the chore. There is list of chore available for both men and women, also the details of how to do it, when, where, using which equipments and cleaning materials, etc.

For example: washing toilet at dormitories, at meditation hall, sweep floor outside dormitory, burn the rubbish, clean the foot bath, wipe table after breakfast/ lunch/ tea break, etc. Everyone has to choose at least one. I chose the simplest one though :P

Dining room :)

11. Wash your own utensils after dining 
Breakfast (8 am), lunch (12.30 pm), and tea (6 pm) are available on registration day. Men and women are seated separately. The food was divided into 2 sections, put in between the eating tables and chairs.

You have to wash the bowl, spoon, and cup (all made of stainless steel) yourself at the back of the dining area. There is instruction in writing on how to wash your utensils properly. They apply the water saving way so we won't wash it in running water. Instead, after throwing the rubbish inside the bin provided, we took little water to scrap the dirt from the bowl, move to next sink to apply soap using sponge, and rinse twice at next two sinks beside it. We then put it upside down at the shelf next to it and let it dry naturally.

Metal lantern provided :)

12. Provision shop is available
If you forget or do not have enough stock of toiletries (soap, shampoo, tooth brush, tooth paste, body powder, face soap, etc.), washing powder, mosquitoes repellant spray, mosquitoes balm (applied after being bitten), candles and matchstick (they provide metal lantern in each room to lighten your road at night), notebook to record the lesson, even shirts and pants (the recommended fisherman pants are available), do not worry. There is a small shop available at dining area. Take note on the opening time though as it is not open everyday. Only during registration day, day 1, 2, 3, and 6, and only at certain timing (not whole day).

Schedule on Registration Day (Source: Suan Mokkh IDH)

You can take a nap, stroll around the area, go to Chaiya or nearby place, or have chit chat with other fellow participants (while the silence has not yet begun), before the retreat is started. Follow the timetable above, take note of the time and place of each activity. Map is available at the board or just follow where people go :)

The natural hot spring for women :)

At 4 pm the retreat is officially started. They bring you around (orientation/ boundary tour) afterwards. After tea, you can try the hot spring. I was surprised with it!!! It's so natural!!! Was exciting with it!! ;)

At 7 pm we finally started to get serious. Soon, the silence retreat was officially started. Insects and mosquitoes sound were the only accompany afterwards. Will share with you how I felt in next post!!! ^^ Stay tune!!! ;)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

10-Day Silent Meditation Retreat at Suan Mokkh - Part 2

I managed to sleep for 5.5 hours but couldn't straighten my body well even with the two-seat joined together. The train was reaching late at Chaiya train station. It was supposed to reach at 6.15am but only arrived about two hours later ^^"

Train journey to Chaiya - Southern of Thailand

Chaiya is about 6 km northeast of Wat Suan Mokkh. Once got out from the station, many people offered their service in form of motorcycle and taxi. In the website, it's said I could take songthaew (share pick up truck) to reach the monastery and pay only 20 Baht. However, I didn't know how the songthaew looked like and didn't see it nearby either.

Being clueless, I stopped a Thai young lady who passed by in front of me and asked her where I could get the songthaew. She couldn't understand English much but from the body language, I guessed she was asking me where I was heading. I told her Wat Suan Mokkh. She seemed to understand.

She asked me to wait. She walked to a private pick up truck and talked with a driver, a middle age man. Shortly she told me to get in the vehicle saying that the man would send me there. I asked her how much should I pay and she said, "Just get in. No need to pay."

How miracle happens!!! :)

Wow!!! I was amazed!!! Just nice there was one empty seat available and space to locate my luggage.  On the way the guy even offered me a bottle of cold mineral water. Just what I needed!!!

Three of us went together. Soon I reached the front part of the monastery. I thanked both of them for their kind help and silently wished them be healthy and happy in their life. Thank you SB for sending them down so that I could reach the place safely and sound :)

Main gate of Wat Suan Mokkh

The monastery area was so huge. I went to toilet first then went to a place where there were people having their breakfast and all  was wearing white clothes. They were Buddhist practitioners who stayed there.

I asked a lady who couldn't speak English and she led me to Brenda, a foreigner lady in her 60s, who stayed there for so many years. She was very familiar with the meditation retreat and the monastery area. She gave me all the info I required and even offered a briefing session in the evening together with other ladies.

Wheel of Becoming at Dhamma Hall

I headed to the Information center and registered myself there. I collected a dorm key as I intended to stay there for a night before heading to the mediation retreat place the day after. Fyi, the meditation retreat was held every month from 1st to 10th. Registration would be done one day before and it was completely over one day after. You could reach there early but have to stay at the monastery's dorm.

Woman's dormitory at Wat Suan Mokkh Monastery

There, I met Leah. She too, would sleep a night at the monastery. I was very happy to find accompany :) We walked to the dorm together and found our room. The room was as I expected, similar with the ones at the meditation retreat place. The bed was made of hard cement topped with a straw mat and wooden pillow. We collected our blanket and set the mosquitoes net above our bed. We took a bath before going outside to find something to eat.

Many isolated monk quarter in the forest :)

There we knew a German guy, Rafael. We had our lunch together and had a chit chat. Afterwards we browsed around the monastery area then went back to room to take a nap.

Wat Suan Mokkh Founder - Ajahn Buddhadasa

When I woke up, the sky turned dark. I saw more people coming and some stayed at the dorm. I attended the briefing given by Brenda, and she's very informative. We would have a clearer picture about what we would face during the retreat. She treated us with local snacks and fruits too. At 8pm we were done and went back to our room to sleep :) Another day passed by. It's good to experience a quiet and dark night, and let our body rest, get ready for the registration day!!!

Monday, September 18, 2017

10-Day Silent Meditation Retreat at Suan Mokkh - Part 1

"Eat Pray Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert and "Around India in 80 Trains" by Monisha Rajesh had both inspired me to search the happiness from inside - spiritually - while travelling. Been wanting to experience living in Ashram or undergo the silence meditation retreat, being away from outer world (no phone, email, Facebook, selfie, etc.) over certain period of time, at least once in my lifetime. At the same time I was in midst of confusion state in searching which Buddhism way to follow (Tibetan, Mahayana, Theravada??) and what type of meditation should I practice in my life.

"Do not look outside, seek inside" - Rumi

I learned my first meditation by joining a week meditation retreat in Vipassana Graha temple in Bandung, Indonesia in 1990s. I was still very young and meditation was mainly practised for getting peace and relaxation. As I grew up I was wondering if there was any other kind of benefits I could get.

So one day when I browsed online, I read the 12 best meditation retreats in Thailand article. And after comparing it, I felt that Wat Suan Mokkh silence mediation retreat would be the best option for me - low budget option (cost Thb 2,000 for the whole 10 days), 2 vegetarian meals provided daily, being silence entire time (shouldn't be a problem for a quiet me), basic sleeping condition (hard surface with straw mat, wooden pillow, blanket, and mosquitoes net), daily yoga, hot spring (natural hot spring, mind you! Omg!!!), and surrounded by lush nature (this what drawn me most as nature-lover).

Suan Mokkh - A place definitely for a nature-lover :)

They had own website and I could find all information I needed (clearly and in English). Ooh... btw, I chose Thailand because I had been wanted to go there again after my first and last visit back in year 2007. I planned combining the meditation retreat together with a holiday break to Bangkok, and later on to Chiang Mai.

Just nice I found accompany (a close ex-schoolmate) for the trip at both places. However, she wasn't interested to join the silence meditation retreat. Therefore, despite being alone, it didn't stop me to go ahead with this program :) I assured myself that I would not be the only one who attended the program alone. There must be many people out there from all around the world who would like to find the happiness inside, live a silence life, and head to this place, just like me :)

Since I had been jobless for more than a year, I had to plan this trip as economy as possible. I took a budget ait to Bangkok on 29th Aug, landed at Don Mueang Airport, and took a train from there to Hua Lamphong train station. The train ticket only cost me 20 Baht. It took me more than an hour to reach.

Train from Don Mueang Airport to Hua Lamphong

To be frank, I was a bit nervous about this trip as I traveled alone. And on my previous visit (10 years ago), I never took other public transport except for Taxi ^^" But now, since I had only limited budget in hand, I had to find cheap transport wherever I go. And watching SPL II: A Time for Consequences before the trip, increased my worry as well (fear of being kidnapped and sold my organs). Lol!!! 

That's why I arranged meeting up with Bhutanese friend for dinner before continuing my train journey at night. This way I'd have something positive to look forward and I wouldn't be afraid of being alone :) Thank you Tenzin for willingly accepting my request and treating me dinner as well! Your accompany made me feeling much braver and adjusting the situation faster. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! :)

Thank you 3 of you for coming all the way to meet me :)

After dinner over, 3 of them had to go back to their hostel. I spent the rest of the time inside the train station; went to toilet for freshen up and sat at the huge air-con room until the train came. Luckily it was not that crowded. I took train no. 39, second class seat with air-con, departed at 10.50pm. Only few people in 1 carriage. We were given blanket, bread and juice. Soon I fell asleep and the train kept going. Tut tut tuttt..... jess jess jess....

Hua Lamphong Railway Station - Bangkok, Thailand

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

"National Day" Celebration with dear Besties ;)

Well, not really National Day though. Just happened we celebrated it on National Day's eve :P It'd been a while since three of us having a get-together kind of thing. Ms. Busy had always been busy with her work. Ms. Free flew aeroplane sometimes when she had too much fun during her free time :P And myself had been busy traveling too - on and off.

Friendship celebration night - 0808 :D

Let's count this as "Friendship celebration night" ba, at the auspicious date- 0808 :) (Think about it, suddenly I'm thinking of buying 4D. Who knows it will open tonight! Then we can realize our dreams to travel together.  Hahaha... Huat ahhh!!!).

Cheers for our friendship... :)

Three of us grew up and came from three different countries in Southeast Asia - but none of us was from Singapore :D Wasn't it such a beautiful fate and good karma that we could meet here in this country?? It's just like mixing 3 different ingredients into the wok that blended nicely and created a delicious dish!!!

Ms. Busy and I - Knew each other since year 2004

We managed to know each other from the same working place but weren't working together at the same time. It's more like I knew Ms. Busy first, then later on, after I went back to the same company for the second time, that's when I knew Ms. Free.

Ms. Free and I - Toast the spirit on Octoberfest 2009 :D

I was good with both and there was a time when I met them both together. They ended up click being together and that's how three of us started the friendship journey together :) (I think I'm good at bridging people together. Consider that as my strength ba! ^^).

Celebrated Christmas at my house - year 2013

We went through many events together, from cycling event, walk event, Christmas celebrations, Birthday celebrations, etc. After leaving the company we have changed jobs at many different working places and never once met again as colleagues.

Ms. Free Birthday celebration - Our first night over in 2014

The above was our first time night over at Ms. Free house together. We bought ingredients and had steamboat. Drank and slept there. I think the next day we went for walk event early in the morning. And last night it was a second time we gathered and slept over night, but this time it was held at my home. Ms Busy bought KFC and the rest prepared the beverages.

Time is the greatest gift quote (Pic source:

It wasn't easy to maintain friendship. Everyone had their own lives and lived in their own world most of the time. Yet, we still spared our precious time to be spent with together. There were highs and lows throughout our lives and usually we could only share it with people we trusted the most.

Friendship quote (Pic source:

And for women, as we grew older, our problems varied a lot - from family matters, working life, boyfriend/ girlfriend matters, health matters, money matters, and so on. However, we readily offered our ears, lent our hands, and shoulders to lean on at anytime, and kept the secret safely just between us. Having each other presence and support was the greatest gift that bestie could offer too!!! :)

 That's what friends are for! :) (Pic source:

It wasn't always sweet either. Sometimes we were angry with each other but after some time we managed to click again. There would never be grudge. Just momentary unhappiness, which was soon be forgotten.

To all my friends: I'm grateful for you :) (Pic source:

I'm very grateful having both of them in my life. Really really grateful. We learned from each other about many different things in life. Thank you gals for trusting me to be your best friend all this while. I know for sure that we shall treasure our friendship together, if possible, 'til the end of our lives. 'Til our hair turned gray, skin wrinkled, teeth gone, et cetera ^^ Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!! :)

Sunday, August 06, 2017

One year since I last worked

Be positive, be happy :) (Pic source:

Yalama!!! Time flies mo? It's been a year since I was last being employed. Then onwards, I had gone through many places all over the world, be it meeting my siblings in Australia, Hong Kong, and Jakarta, and accompanying my dear parents for checking up at Malaysia. Went for holidays with dear Baobei also to Hong Kong and Jakarta.

I guess, that's all for now. I really want to travel on my own enjoyment to Bangkok right now or celebrate the upcoming Birthday somewhere with my dear friend, who understand me as a person, and willing to accompany me drinking as the clock ticks away.

Life is in your hands (Pic source:

A year without working. It all seemed like a dream. No income obviously, but I've been living my life to the fullest. Even if I stayed at home, I'd spend my time doing things I loved doing, like cooking, meeting friends, reading, watching movies, and so on. The privileges that working people couldn't get. The free time. Monday to Sunday.

I've enjoyed all my time to the fullest. And I guess, it will soon be over. Need to get to workplace again, gain salary, saving parts of it for the necessities and next holiday plans, and so on. Nevertheless, I've been felling grateful for what life has brought me this far. I'm truly and indeed grateful. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

Whatever will be, will be (Pic source:

Perhaps I'll spare another month? Let's see where my fate brings me into. This will be one of those posts I wrote about my feelings instead of what I usually wrote. No one knows what future will be. Many goes to fortune teller to give them clues what their lives would be in this year or next year to come. I choose to resign my fate to nature, let the fate brings me where I should go. Everyone's fate is different. This is for sure.

Cheers....!!! :)

No matter what, I choose to be positive all throughout my life journey. May Buddha bless everyone, every sentient beings, who are struggling in this Samsaric worlds. With this post, I wish everyone is blessed with good health, be happy, free from suffering, life full of peace and joy. Whatever will come, I'll have to face them bravely. Wish me luck!!! ;)

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Traveling with parents tale - Time zone difference

Time zone difference

Previously we stayed at the room with no window. Therefore, we wouldn't know if the weather was hot, raining, or whether it's morning or night. In addition, my parents came from Jakarta, where the time there was one hour earlier than here, in Malaysia. E.g. If here was 7 am, Jakarta would be 6 am.

Despite they both were wearing watch on their wrists, they did not adjust the timing on it. They thought it was only one hour difference, therefore, not necessary to adjust. But they forgot that they too, could be forgetful about the time difference.

Well readied Mom (Pic source:

In one occasion, I was awoken by a strong perfume smell. I found Mom doing her make-up and had already changed her clothes, ready to go out. I turned on my mobile phone and looked at the time. I immediately asked her, "Mom, where do you want to go so early like this?"

"Early? It's already 7 plus no??" she replied without stopping her activity.

"Ma, are you dreaming??? It's only 6 plus now. Please go back to sleep," I said.

"Haa??? Only 6 plus?? Not 7 plus ya?? I thought I woke up at 7 am just now," she replied me in shock.

After finishing her make-up, she sat down on the bed and started checking her mobile phone. I couldn't sleep anymore after that, because very soon, I was disturbed by a very loud Chinese old songs (with a maximum volume), or the sound and/ or with song that came from Chinese-made videos (those mostly showing unfilial son/ daughter together with their son/ daughter-in-law) sent by only God knew who they were.

And soon after, my mobile would vibrate and when I checked, it was the video that she just watched earlier and sent to our family What's App group ^^"

Another occasion was our first night after reaching Malaysia. Since we had nothing to do, we slept early (I remembered turning off the light at 10 pm at night since I couldn't stand the TV volume, and Dad immediately turned his TV off).

While sleeping, suddenly I heard familiar voice from a couple. I thought I heard it in my dream though.

(Pic source:

Man: "Damn!!! It's only 4.30 am!!!"
Woman: "What time?" - with disbelief tone.
Man: "4.30 only. No choice la. We slept too early last night."
Woman: "Haa??? Only 4.30??? Feel like already long."

Ugghhh... I wanted to pee. I had no choice but to get up. I turned my phone charger off and headed to toilet with the phone. I turned it on and checked the time. It's 5.30 am.

When finished, I returned to my bed. I giggled and continued sleeping. I made it so quiet so I could sleep longer. And soon, I heard him snoring. Zzz..... Zzz..... 
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